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Originally Posted by Last Sinner View Post
I hate it more for the reason that when I leash for a jungler, I stay with them until their first buff target is near dead so they have smite for the 2nd. Whereas other ppl just do 1 hit and leave and I'm without smite and low health after 1st buff. It makes a big difference but most players don't even bother beyond 1 hit.
The only way you can help a jungler is with either a pull or a leash. Pull is a single auto-attack to draw aggro, while leash includes the use of abilities but to the same end. Staying around will severely impede AoE junglers because they'll miss out on exp. People also don't stick longer than 1 hit because the camp is more likely to reset, in which case you'd pretty much have to start all over again.

Spoiler for jungle routes, in case someone wants to know:

My favourite role is definitely tank top solo. Usually top lanes come to the understanding that cs>harassment so the aggression's nothing like bot lane. A well-farmed tank or offtank (Nasus/Shen/Galio being good examples) can totally shift the mid-game balance to your favour just by surviving the initial burst and having a good presence in the zone.
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