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Originally Posted by Kafriel View Post
The only way you can help a jungler is with either a pull or a leash. Pull is a single auto-attack to draw aggro, while leash includes the use of abilities but to the same end. Staying around will severely impede AoE junglers because they'll miss out on exp. People also don't stick longer than 1 hit because the camp is more likely to reset, in which case you'd pretty much have to start all over again.
Mid can actually kite it, in a way to prevent resets and still let the jungler take no damage, but they have to know what they're doing, and not mind being a few seconds late to their lane. (They don't get exp either since the jungle camp exp range is pretty low now).

Originally Posted by Kreceir View Post
Which champion the easiest to jungle with and which champion is quite difficult.
Skill(shot) and ability wise.

(Sorry for bothering you guys with these kind of questions)
Udyr, WW, Mundo, Nunu, and Xin are probably some of the easiest junglers to pick up and play correctly, imo. They all have built in sustain and some sorta of CC, and good to great clear times.
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