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With two chapters left, still so many unanswered questions.
  • What was on the hard drive?
  • The flashback of the pilot and his concern of getting back.
  • Why the plane didn't crash land
  • What happened to the tall volleyball guy?
  • In the spiral tower, why a naked corpse in a barrel?

If they are clones, it would confirm my suspicion that the two Miinas might be the same (opposite clones of a single). Also if they are clones, it could be a possibility that Hades is a previous clone of Sengoku and the whole survival story is cyclical where the survivor(s) find the truth and realize they can start over again, where a new batch of clones are created and the whole ordeal repeats. Though it doesn't explain why you would have clones start off on an airplane. If it was a starting stage for clones, it's pretty bad because it's easily destroyed by the animals.

Right now, the only happy end with them returning is if this whole entire thing was some kind of bad dream from Sengoku eating too much during the flight.
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