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Originally Posted by ZippyDSM View Post
Mmm this is how I see the ending Ozma dies, Ranka lives as part of the Verjia, Bera survives barely or dies, Alto survives, Klan survives against her will, most of the main SMS members survive, Leon goes boom, Nanase survives, Luca dose not survive.

Sheryl survives but barely, basically a happy ending with half the main cast.

It should be a good ending anyway they take it.
As skyfirefly pointed out, you forgot the most important part is Sheryl gets her slave. The only thing you can make most people agree on for a good ending is Sheryl's happiness, anything other than that is simply a matter of opinion.

My good ending is to have Sheryl, Alto, Klan, Canaria, Bobby and Leon alive, the rest of the cast can enjoy the trip down to the hell. And the best part is to have Nanase finally awoke finding Vajra dines on Luca's and Ranka's corpses and mentally crushed.
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