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Originally Posted by Paul Hausser View Post
Now, now, let us not be too harsh on die junge Frauen, Herbert. Later people think we, followers of die Konigin are uncouth barbarians. Personally, I'm betting die kleine Maid will do a benevolent Sarah Kerrigan gig, while Fraulein Nanase might get her own, personal shota. That would be more in line with Macross way of resolving such things.

Of course, this does not extend to subhuman creeps like Mishima or mad scientists and Kusanagi wannabees such as diese Hure O'Connor.
agree I think Nanase and Luca should live too!
then Ranka could die or not depending if she promises not
to bother Sheryl and Alto anymore..
I also want her to live... and be Sheryl and Alto 's maid (joke!)
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