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Originally Posted by GaimeGuy View Post
haha, yeah, the tank scene was fucking awesome.

In the manga, the tank was stationary, IIRC, so when bradley got up to it, he just had to stay in the blind spots.

In brotherhood, they made it so the tank was going in full reverse, and bradley JUMPS ONTO THE DAMN THING, then proceeds to wreck havoc on it as in the manga. It was awesome XD
I thought Brotherhood was even more awesome because the soldiers in a freaking tank were running away from him. You know you're hardcore when you have guys in tanks shitting their pants and trying to get as far away from you as possible.

Anyways, pretty good episode as usual, but the pacing worries me. They're taking it somewhat slow and even adding a fair bit of filler when they still have 10 chapters to cover and the last 4 are so much longer than the usual. I really hope it doesn't happen, but I can see them not having time to cover everything in the last chapters because they instead chose to waste time extending Ross and Fuery's conversation or show the Central soldiers using gatling guns and whatnot.
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