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Someone has uploaded "Macross Frontier - Cosmic Cuune" as a torrent on the internet a day ahead of release schedule.
It's legit as I have listened to the whole thing.

Track 5 rocks. True Sheryl at her best.

Track 7 "Merry Christmas without you" is a group effort song with characters from the series singing. Mostly it's Sheryl and Ranka but other character pipe up from time to time. It's basically a feel good Xmas song. Might make more sense once the English translation hits.


P.S. Back in the day when MF was still being released I've wanted them to compile just the music in concert video format with animation. Kind of like a Music Video DVD.
Well the fact that they have makes me very happy. Can't wait for "Macross Frontier Music Clip Collection Nyan Cli"

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