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Originally Posted by Lancel View Post
I do not keep rankings for most things, including singers for the most part, but if I did, Megumi would have just jumped several places. She's expanded her range and capabilities significantly since she did the series. For a christmas album this is surprisingly good, but with Yoko Kanno involved we can generally expect that.

Both of May'n/Sheryl's solo songs are absolutely beautiful. Pretty much all the songs are rather. I particularly liked Songbird, Phantom Light, Sailor, and Tablet. Also Seikan Eve interestingly enough, I think they used a minor key.

Bit of a lack of rocking out, but this is very much a mood album where that wouldn't have been terribly appropriate, so it is forgiven.

Also amused they threw in some speaking lines for Sheryl and Ranka into Merry Christmas Without You just to get Aya in there.
I agree with everything you said. 8D

Also, Aya deserves more credit when it comes to Sheryl, she gets eclipsed by May'n too much (understandable but still... XD)

P.S. I want the full Diamond Crevasse listened here D'X :

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