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Originally Posted by genjichan View Post

Probably the best way to end and avoiding "Pair based fan" protest.
My view is that this is what AU OVAs are for.

I'd be perfectly fine with the Mashiro-iro Symphony OVA equivalent to Clannad's Tomoyo After and Kyou After, basically. One for Airi, and one for Sana.

My view is that it would be best for the main anime narrative to stick to its Miu/Shingo choice, and continue to "keep it real". If you look at the most commercially successful VN-adaptations of all-time (Clannad and Kanon; Steins;Gate and Fate/Stay Night - although romance was secondary in these two), this is the approach that they took.

Now, I can understand why more VN-adaptations aren't like these four, though. Because it's the harder route to take, as you need to actually have writers and editors sit down and try to find a decent way to mesh different routes together while making it feel like a whole and naturally flowing story. It's often much easier to go with omnibus format and simply adapt each route faithfully in 3/4 episode chunks per route.

But if you're going to take the time and care to pull off a good unified format narrative, as Mashiro-iro Symphony has chosen to do (thankfully chosen to do, imo), then Manglobe might as well reap the benefits of that by continuing to have a story that feels pretty real.
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