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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
Thank's now is more clear.

I just say why ,at lest me thought Tsubaki was a girl for this(at least until bodo not explain the thing) and because i remember that Tsubaki being use to girls ,although I remember some one say tha tthe name can be used for man as well.
Also the trap theory(that Sylvie and the other one use Tsubaki)is still possible .Kotori do say in this ch * I guess those two .....really are special to him....*.But knowing how this kind of manga work (normally) i still get the feeling that Tsubaki is a she(no that is metter if is a she or a he).
Actually Tsubaki is a girl name, since it means camellia flower, on the letter is Hanasaki Tsubaki, so there is no doubt, that person is a girl, Hanasaki si the surname and Tsubaki the given name.
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