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Originally Posted by Soji View Post
You don't get it dont you? He acept because is the only way to gain the info about Tsubaki. This only show us ,that for him Tsubaki or at least info about her are more important that avoid trap or /and fight.Tsubaki and to find out if the one that is behind this is the same person that send the letter to Sakura. I have to admit , I'm really curios to see what happen in ch 4 and what kind of info he will get ...if he win.
He still hasn't confirm it credibility, there's a possibility that it just a scam to steal his information/kiss. If he want Tsubaki that much then he shouldn't risk his kiss/information like a gambler newbie, since it's his precious/invaluable assets for the exchange.
Info about Tsubaki gone missing can be found by either one of the bad guy (if we take advanced technology caused by the monument into account)..or may be his own sister (?) spill it out accidentally

In Marketing terms, he should have advantage in bargain position, and didn't just put all his coins in the table like an idiot in gambling

may be he will gain the girl three size, as well as their period calendar XD
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