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Oh this thread is so randomly funny.... some of you got new green lego blocks, you deserved it
Originally Posted by Kirito View Post
At least yours and many others were cool and identifiable compared to mine. Mine sounds like it's from a crappy children's show. Pointless "I'll never get a cool anime identity" complaint.
Can't make sense out of yours? How about mine, "Detective Rose", I can't figure that out. It doesn't make sense. Am I supposed to be some kind of cold, calculating investigative guy carrying a rose around and randomly sniffing it like James from Pokemon?..... please don't imagine that

I'm just going to accept that as an unfortunate circumstance of having a German first name and Spanish'ish last name and I still think my heavy metal name is more appropriate

Originally Posted by CaptnAwesomee View Post
That body switch episode is one of my favorites of that series (the overall favorite will always be the episode when the Justice League girls went on an all out brawl against each other )

Originally Posted by Eragon View Post

Now if that was the goalie....oh Jason

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