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Anyone still think Mikoto can be beaten? Mikoto has an fantastic performance against Haruhi while Kanade seriously drops the ball against Kobato. If Mikoto did just a bit better she would have had a higher percentage against Haruhi than Kanade did against Kobato and really driven home the difference in their Elimination Round 2 performances. It's the combined tournament that really matters so Kanade has a bit of time to get her act together before the wall between Stella and Nova comes down. Even more than Kanade, Shana needs to figure out what to do from here and she'll be doing it from the sidelines. Saber upsets Shana to kick her out for now. Was it really just Topaz 6 where Shana hit 59% on Saber? Taiga fans should really be happy about this, though. Speaking of Topaz matches that already flipped the other way, Yuki manages to take out Mio. The two weren't too far apart in strength so it's not too big a surprise that Yuki came out on top. Yui, Eucliwood and Taiga all look roughly normal in their matches. Kuroneko's performance was a bit weak but she probably isn't beating Eucliwood anyways.
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