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Originally Posted by Sageblink View Post
Actually, I do.

The guy just said that design-based, he prefers Asmita and thinks Fudo is... well... let's say grotesque (and though I love this new Virgo saint, his face is kinda absurd. Awesome and absurd).
I'm just wondering why so many people got blue/green hair this time...
(... Oh Medea, you kinky witch !)

But there is no room for you to use such a word as "f*g" which is utterly rude and insulting. The guy likes a character, you prefer another one, that's just it. When someone doesn't agree with you, it's not always trolling...
As Obelisk said, it's was just his opinion.
Thanx for the help, Sageblink . My French is rather broken. So, it's just an opinion after all, huh? Just like I thought.
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