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NOTE: I renamed the title to use "Connections" instead of "Relationships", just to avoid confusion.

In terms of a contribution to the topic, it may also be worth pointing out that sometimes there can be connections through Producers/Publishers as well. In the end, as was discussed with the Sound Directors above, it's an industry about "who you know" as much as any other, so when they're approaching doing a casting call for certain roles, any of the key players may have their own names of people they like and have worked with before, and who "jump to mind" when a certain role is discussed. There are also of course cases where a director is required to use certain voice actors in the production due to business arrangements or marketing plans (i.e. to use a certain seiyuu who will also sing the OP/ED in order to sell more CDs, or to use staff from a particular talent agency because they have some connection to the production), and this may come up more often with certain directors who often work with certain publishers. (For example, not to dwell on this particular example too much more, but almost all of Shaft's work has been either for King Records or for Aniplex.) That doesn't even count cases where a publisher of an original work may have already commissioned Drama CDs or other prior merchandise, so had a cast pre-selected (whether the anime production team wants to use them or not).

So yeah, I'd say it's probably a pretty complicated web of connections, in the end. I honestly wonder how many truly open casting calls are even required in this business.
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