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...Have you guys counted the number of words for a single Gundam Unicorn volume? Volume 1 alone has 210 pages of JP text...converted into 57,924 English words.

It all depends on the publisher as well. Dengeki Bunko, the leading company in LN publications with series SAO, Index, Shana, Oreimo, Horizon (I'll count this as an exception), Mahouka, Accel World, has most of its volumes average more than 300 pages per volume nowadays, not 200 (which is extremely short even for a LN)

Monogatari has around 400+ pages.

Famitsu Bunko, which has Baka Test and Bungaku Shoujo, has its pages limited to the 250-300 range. (but there are exceptions, like Baka Test v7 which has around 330 pages, and the 'Hikaru ga Chikyuu ni Itakoro.....' series, which has around 320 pages per volume,) This publisher does limit the number of pages the author write.

Infinite Stratos (and most Mediafactory Bunko books like Haganai, HnA and ZnT) have less than 300 pages in general (and I haven't seen a volume that exceeded that page limit yet).

To note, when I did volume 7 of Index, the number of pages it took for me on Microsoft word was around 171 pages, calibri, font size 12, no spacing between paragraphs.
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