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Originally Posted by Futaba-chan
I love love love the music from the series, especially Utsukushii Kereba Sore De Ii, and I can't wait for the soundtrack album to become available....
The Tempus Patium has noted your prayers to the sky: Animate list OST 1 as coming out 2006-06-21 (no listings on Amazon, CDJapan or the official site yet).

I'm pleased they're saying OST 1, because four episodes in there already seems to be too much good music for a single CD (my credit card isn't so pleased, but it'll just have to cope).

Originally Posted by Kaoru Chujo
If we like the show, it doesn't matter if anyone else does. But there is one thing: the more people who watch a show, the more shows like it will be made, and the more work by the members of the cast and staff we will see.
And that matters. As much as we admire the talented people who make anime happen, they can't do it unless the grey men in suits are willing to fund them

As fans we need to consciously think about where we put our energy and our yen, and support shows we believe in. If anything, the ratings we're seeing for Simoun just make me care more about doing my bit to promote it (which includes putting my money where my mouth is when the merchandise comes out). Maybe I'm just too fond of the show to be objective, but I don't believe the low numbers are due to any lack of quality - instead, they just prove that here's an anime brave enough to go in its own direction. We need more shows like this!

(I'd also like to think the numbers show that Simoun fans are a refined elite, but then I did admit to watching Joshikōsei a few pages back...)

The most interesting thing to me here is how low Nana is among the otaku, compared to how big the overall audience is for it.
Isn't Nana practically "mainstream" after the success of the movie? Maybe that explains both those facts.

And now for something completely different, I spotted these Simoun production drawings up for auction on YJ. According to someone who buys that sort of stuff, they're probably a collection of photocopied sheets that the studio distributes to its animators (I guess the red stamp on the cover sheet is a non-disclosure warning).

What's interesting is the text next to the Aeru line-art. Even just reading the kana I can make out シムーン・エクエア ("Simoun Equea"?) and the phrase ネヴィリルのメイト ("Neviril's mate"). I'm not sure what the former refers to, but the latter makes me wonder if パル really is "pal" rather than "pair" - in Commonwealth English at least, "mate" means friend just like pal does. Perhaps they changed it at the last minute to avoid people assuming something more mammalian?
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