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There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Aoba loves baseball in any form, on it's own merits. She was a huge baseball freak while Waka was still alive, so it hardly seems likely that Waka's dream would be her main motivator. If anything it's Kou who plays for the benefit of Waka-chan and not any abstract love of the game itself. I think a case could be made that Kou has somewhat indifferent feelings about baseball - he started playing when Waka was alive at her insistence, accepted Aoba's tutelage at her insistence, and (IMO) pursues Koshien out of a sense of duty to her. Aoba would be playing baseball in some form whether Kou did or not, whether Waka was alive or not. Her seeming indifference towards the women's tryouts, I think, came from a mix of guilt about "abandoning" the boys in the midst of their quest and a reluctance to compete at any level she felt was below the highest possible (i.e., vs. the guys).
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