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I really don't think kou is just that simple. Kou plays for love for wakaba but he also has deep feelings toward aoba. He could care less about going to koshien if wakaba didn't dream it, but even when he did play baseball the only time he was excited was when he competes with aoba. Honestly this far different from touch whereas in this context if wakaba was still alive I feel that even aoba would be a formidable opponent.

Also if you notice in kou's conversation between akane, she's frustrated because of not being a detriment to the team now that she's out. She feels more comradery with the seishu boys than girls her age competing to be the best so even though her love of baseball is profound, her love for the pro side of mens baseball will always eclipse any of her respect for the women. Although this may sound chauvinistic it's the way she feels, she has supreme confidence in her skill unless she's being compared to kou but there isn't one pitch she has thrown where she has doubted herself.
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