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Kou may in fact still play in part because Aoba loves baseball, but that only supports the larger point that his feelings for the game itself are less clear. He loves being very good at something, as almost any boy his age would, but he's not terribly concerned with being the center of attention. I think the game's connections to the Tsukishima sisters are far more important to him than the game itself.
I really wasnt' argueing against this. In the end it didn't matter whether or not nakaishi or akaishi played or not, as long as wakaba was there or he was playing against aoba then he'd have his game face on. I mean considering he grew up basically in a batting cage just shows how unimportant the sport itself is to him. My whole point was, aoba not playing for the national team isn't a big of a loss to her as the anime depicted it. Especially considering the whole notion of why aoba plays. Akane's portrait is another example of aoba's complex feelings toward baseball, so in the end the anime changed some things that really where never even hinted in the manga. Also the proposal scene although alright was still not as good as the scene that pertains to it later occurs. In the end ichiyo nee is not all lovey dovey with guys. I think the only girl who is somewhat open with guys is probably momiji so that again felt awkward.
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