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Originally Posted by Nosauz View Post
really? It was alright but in the end it really didn't fight junpei at all. He's really straight forward with Ichiyo, and in the end he never flutters with wordy solilquies about his love. This just felt out of character. And as a manga reader I do feel that some of these characterizations are just slightly off. Again I nit pick because I like the show, and I like the manga.
See I think that was the point. Proposals are a big deal, it's not at all unusual for a guy to try and go all out and be impressive. (Maybe he got some bad advice from his mother). It then failed because it was completely out of character for him, but his final recovery was when he gave up and kept it simple.

It also shows that he not as secure as he usually acts. (Which is true for most men).

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