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Originally Posted by hunterx
if you want too long then episodes become harder to get
Well you dont necessarally (sp?) have to wait for all of the eps to be released to d/l them...I usually like to wait till a series is finished before i start watching it...but i never wait till they are all released...some series that i know loose seeds after a while i get right away...and other series that i know will have seeds for a long time...i'll wait till there's enough to fill a cd's worth...then i just d/l 3-4 eps at once...burn, and put it away till it's time for it to come out (i have a very small hd...that's why i do it that way). Of course there are exceptions to series...and i do watch them as soon as i get the eps...ex Naruto, FMP, PeaceMaker...and a couple of others...
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