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Originally Posted by charasu View Post
are there anybody in this forum can read morse, if can can you tell me what the OVA say??? the morse is after zegai wake up scane and then laughing in minute 11:41~11:52! please help me translate it! i want to know what it saying!
It's not exactly Morse code; it's actually Wabun code (Japanese kanji instead of latin letters, directly converted to CW).

That said, I tried my hand at it. Been a while since I did anything with Morse, so I'm seriously rusty.... Here's what I got (please pardon any mistakes I got):

-.-.	-..--	...		--.--	.-	--.-.	.-.--	-.--.

ni	yu	ra		a	i	shi	te	ru
The last part is definitely "I love you!" in Japanese. Not sure what the first part signifies, but the maybe "Niyura" is the girl/guy's family name? Maybe it's a word I'm unfamiliar with? Maybe I just misheard the CW? I don't know.

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