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Originally Posted by ri0 View Post
Very nice theory... I also think that One Piece and the remnants of the void century are connected. The Will of D fits perfectly in your theory and the holders of that initial being descendants of the Ancient Kingdom would surely be interesting.
Thanks man, after the events leading up to the Marineford Arc and all that came into light, it seemed as though it was a pretty logical assumption. We will all be surprised no matter what, even if this theory or anyone's theory is correct or not for that matter. I definitely look forward to it. (not One Piece ending though)

Originally Posted by GreyZone View Post
While I like your theory and think that it may really be something like what you say in the end, you still should not use "camera angles" as an argument. The story is not done by the anime producers. If you use the manga panels of that chapter as an argument, then it is OK though.
Point taken I didn't have the specific panels of the manga otherwise I would have, my friend had just been catching up on One Piece and that was one of the episodes I played for him at my house recently so I just remembered that scene. However it was a pretty important speech/scene as a whole and from what I remember very similar to the manga thus I figured it would be sufficient. Taking what you said into consideration I looked into it to find the manga panel which you can see below

Panel Source:

Theory Summary: The Straw Hats are going to fight (and destroy) the World Government.
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