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Originally Posted by Flere821 View Post
Fem accel, I'm going with this one:

Spoiler for Female Accel pic:

That pic is basically what inspired my version of Accel.

I never said Acqua is the one directly responsible for 'fate worse than death'... only that being OHK would be a mercy. It's arguable he was sort of responsible, yes, but he didn't cause needless suffering by his own hands like in canon. The 'worse than death' part came after Acqua's defeat, and the one directly responsible wasn't on the Magic Side.
Wait a few chapters, I'll put that flashback in a chapter eventually.
Something about a female Accel looking that...cute is disturbing when going against my thoughts of the current Accel...odd...

Fine, I'll wait. If I can wait over a year for the next chapter of a Harry potter fanfic, I can wait a few more weeks...for the flashback.

But I kinda wished you had Touma pop out of nowhere to punch the dragon. I know the thought must've been in your head at the time.
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