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Originally Posted by Syaoran View Post
Are there DVD players (not home entertainment computer systems) where you can update the firmware
Since most technologies like H.264, MP3, DivX and the like are encumbered by patents in the US, I think the answer is no. While my two-month-old Panasonic S53 upscaling player supports MPEG4 and DivX, it has no H.264 support, nor do I expect to see it anytime soon. I had purchased a Sony player, and it supported none of these formats, so off to the exchange desk I went.

You'd be surprised how little H.264 is used outside of our little anime world. There's some suggestion that it might appear some day in cable/satellite HD distribution, but that's all still mostly vanilla MPEG2 like traditional DVDs, or slowly moving to MPEG4 like DirecTV's new HD offerings. Most things I see that aren't in AVI are in WMV. Matroska is practically non-existent as a container format, and even the mp4 container seems pretty rare still.

@OP: Can you tell us what types of files you're having problems with, and what type of TV you have? Before I bought an HDTV, I was playing anime with my LG player that also supported XviD. Animes in the 640x480 format almost always suffered from having the subtitles cut off; ones in 16:9 formats didn't suffer the same fate. Eventually I learned how to rescale the 480p videos and center them in a black box so the subs appeared correctly.

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