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Originally Posted by Levon View Post
So you can adjust the size of the video to fit your screen?
I have an old 27" CRT TV and it cuts off a lot at the bottom. I'm looking for a Divx player where you really have freedom of choosing the size so the subs arn't cut off.
I use the Toshiba SD-3990 which is pretty good. Maybe 75% of fansubs arn't cut off although many are very near the bottom. My TV is abnormal, so for others it might be more like 95%.

If anyone can recommend the best Divx player where I can adjust the size I'd be very grateful, I don't mind the price as long as its not over $100. I'll look into the Panasonic DVDS42S.

[edit]- I can't find Panasonic DVDS42S, where do you buy it? Is it only sold in Canada?
I got the S42 a couple of years back, so they probably phased out the S42 by now with a newer model. I'm not 100% positive, but I'm willing to bet that all of the Panasonic S-line DVD players have this ability.
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