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Neither Ogg (Vorbis) nor FLAC are industry standards, but they are pulling their own on lots of hardware now. Being an "industry standard" doesn't really have much to do with it. If the format is popular enough and the public show positive feedback toward will one day be part of hardware somewhere. Thus something you can actually buy and use.

As popular as MKV is as a so called third party container, I think it has more then enough chance to one day get hardware support. It's not as though the devs are not trying to help move it along. And there is always CoreCodec, which is essentially the business front for any Matroska dealings. I think if you were to attempt to predict the future, it has a much better chance of making it then not. Just looking at current trends of other formats, it would be pretty ignorant to think otherwise.

Looking at DivX, it is certainly not an industry standard. It was a very cutup implementation of one...however far from obeying the specs of the standard (which is what everyone claims they are ghey for) in certain instances. It has tons of hardware support now simply from overpopular usage. Not because it was a standard, but simply because a large number of people were using it...likewise a large number of people would buy products with support for it. Same for hardware that plays Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, and Windows Media (it's not an "industry standard" by the same rules omigosh omigosh). In fact I have seen an increasing number of hardware devices which now play .SRT subs and even .SSA! Being an "industry standard" is nothing important. Hell there was a time when horrible fucking vendors even added OGM support to certain models if it contained Xvid at certain settings. How krayzie is that? Fucking OGM "pseudo-support" existed in hardware devices at one time :3. The most non-documented format you can get.

Popularity is really what determines if something will get hardware support. However if it is something which is popular but at the same time actually has an ordered set of documentation/specification of how the format works, that should just be an instant plus. Matroska is far from some random format some people just decided to make because they were bored. It was well planned and thought out beforehand. It still even has some vaporware goals to make good on, so it's not as though there is no room for growth. One day day!!!
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