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Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
Mid-Ranged? He combos so many attacks that it is nearly impossible to keep up with him. He is hard as hell to use, but if someone mastered him, he would be unstoppable due to his speed, abilities, and combo attacks. I NEVER had so much trouble in Soul Calibur matches (as in the entire series) till I faced The Apprentice in Arcade Mode here.

And how are Sophitia and Cassandra unbalanced?

Voldo is more unbalanced than those two.
Dunno he was easy offline and easy online. Don't understand what the hubub is about. I think sucky game critics started the rumor. >_>

I don't know I have several friends I play with we where reasonable even, but the moment someone takes Spohitia or Cassandra he wins easy. It helps though that on the net only newbs seem to take the char so the unbalancedness doesn't hurt much. Note that the NPC Sophi/Cas isn't that good.

Originally Posted by Orga777 View Post
That is true, but they are still balanced to the rest of the line up. I can have those two pitted against say, Nightmare and Siegfried the fall off isn't that much. I find Talim, Mitsurugi, and Voldo more unbalanced than those two after all.

Which is why I said if someone mastered him, the rest of the line-up stands little chance unless someone figures out how to use Algol to his full potential (which is even harder to do than The Apprentice.)
Nightmare? He sucked from what I've seen. Sieg was decent though. Talim isn't all that great either. Mitsurugi is a baddass, but still Sophi and Cas are on another level. They seem to have no flaws. :x

That said anyone have good strats against Sophi/Cass? I'm a Mitsu/Kilik player. =o
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