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Originally Posted by 2H-Dragon View Post
Dunno he was easy offline and easy online. Don't understand what the hubub is about. I think sucky game critics started the rumor. >_>
I thought so too... Before he showed up in Arcade Mode and kicked my ass all over the field for a good ten minutes before I got lucky and beat him. I had more trouble with him than I did Algol in the next match. A lot more. In SC games, only Night Terror is harder to beat IMO.

I don't know I have several friends I play with we where reasonable even, but the moment someone takes Spohitia or Cassandra he wins easy. It helps though that on the net only newbs seem to take the char so the unbalancedness doesn't hurt much. Note that the NPC Sophi/Cas isn't that good.
I do admit that Sophita and Casasndra are really easy to pick up and use, but I don't see how they are superior to anyone. It isn't like they do a ton of damage or move exceptionally fast. They have quick attacks, but a couple Guard Impacts and a good combo pretty much dwindles down their health.

Nightmare? He sucked from what I've seen. Sieg was decent though. Talim isn't all that great either. Mitsurugi is a baddass, but still Sophi and Cas are on another level. They seem to have no flaws. :x
Aww man. Nightmare kicks ASS in this game. His moves are a lot quicker than they ever been. I LOVE using Nightmare. My favorite character of all time.

That said anyone have good strats against Sophi/Cass? I'm a Mitsu/Kilik player. =o
I don't think either of those characters you named should be a problem against the two of them. Kilik has a lot longer range and has just as quick of attacks and Mitsurugi can keep up with his quick attacks and strength.
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