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Originally Posted by Majek View Post
I find it funny how people get excited by complete insanity and incoherent stories just because it's different . And than bleach as an example? <_< Compare it to another fast paced manga if you want to be taken seriously.

Twisted plots? there are no plots, there's just random events thrown together with no sense or purpose. It's only his art that keeps him afloat.
You're the one who prefers predictability over randomness no? <_< It doesnt get anymore predictable than Bleach. What would you prefer Bleach or Air Gear? Whats your preferred poison?

Also If art is the only thing that keeps it afloat, well sorry to say but more popular series must be down somewhere in Mariana Trench. Cause heck even their fans admit that plot isnt its strong point either.
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