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I'm kind of disappointed in the opening by Stereopony in the same way I was disappointed in their opening for Gundam 00 Second Season. Their music is just too lacking in power and honestly I think belongs as an ending theme.
agree with you. their songs dont seem to be the best for OPs but somehow they end up having their share in two of my favourite shows - Gundam 00 and Darker than Black. it feels like a punch is missing and it just doesnt rock enough (with the anime)

anyways, i guess i will skip it to watch the show directly.

however, ED song seems very opposite to me and once again Abingdon boys school+DTB rocked together absolutely I'm so addicted to this ED song now!

im quite surprised to hear someone saying DTB OP/EDs are average. Season 1 OP/EDs were some of the best and I still get people joining in watching anime when i show them the 2nd OP of last season (the hero without a name)!
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