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Originally Posted by Amegashita View Post
That's a very... flawed outlook on manga's. I mean don't you want to know why a villain is a villain? Like in Higurashi no Naku Koro ni when I discovered who the villain was, I was gung-ho about finding out why she did what she did. Same for Umineko, not only that but it's also more realistic that way. Every body has a back story and their experience's come to form the person they are today.

Like, for example, a murder trial. If we were to ignore what a person had to say <with a grain of salt of course> we would easily convict them, whether their innocent or not. Without trying to find out why they did what they did, we wouldn't know whether it was self defense, or simple morale collapse.

But... I guess for manga's you're allowed to think that way...
umineko and higurashi are thrillers/mystery, they naturally are a genre that make you want to think about the psychology of the characters, Medaka is a shounen that really idolizes medaka to the point where it's not even fun reading, even if you knew the motivations of the villians, even if they were noble, medaka would always prevail, the writing just has too much of mary sue feeling where a character is invincible, unfallable which just really breaks the imersion.
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