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Originally Posted by Darknemo2000 View Post
Yes and thats the chapter where Hatsukoi Limited ended that or was it 33? You have tto understand that not all shounens go on like One Piece or Naruto, for some cut happens around the chapter like this.
You guys honestly cannot use Hatsukoi Limited as an example, simply because it ran in the same magazine, therefore it should be comparable? No, Hatsukoi seems like it ended, and it's of a completely different genre when compared to Medaka Box. Its scope also allowed it to pretty much end whenever the heck it would want to, I'd like to believe that Hatsukoi ended naturally, or as naturally as a cut manga would have because it pretty much left me satisfied. Anyways, the way Medaka is being paced right now makes it seem like it will last a little longer, it isn't rushing towards anything that signifies the end. If it were to end at all, it would end after this arc.
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