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We can't go a week without the MB hate brigade spreading their doom, gloom, and constant negativity in regards to the series. Good lord enough with the fear mongering and bashing already.

Medaka Box can not be compared to Hatsukoi Limited. Hatsukoi ran at a time period where there were still a lot of Jump's old guard around (Neuro, ES21, TLR) that were all relatively successful(Not One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, Reborn, and Gintama level) and left less room for new series to cushion it. DGM moving to Jump SQ also meant more space for other series to move in.

As of now, those series have ended or moved while this manga has been running and newer series that have started have done worse than Medaka Box and bitten the dust. (Akaboshi, Kagijin, Hoop Men, for example)

This can not be compared to Hatsukoi because even volume wise, WSJ didn't even print enough volumes initially to meet the demand for Medaka's 1st volume. Hatsukoi's 2nd volume did 40150 on its first week. Medaka Box's 2nd volume did 54,194 in its first week with the possibility of doing more on its 2nd week.

Psyren, which is a series that was in a similar position to Medaka Box for most of its running time(Note, in the bottom 5) has barely hit that number of sales even after 8 volumes being released yet it has managed to go on long enough to eventually start ranking better. Partly because it too had other manga that were doing worse than it in some way or another.

Medaka has other series that can arguably be canceled before it as well as better sales than other manga in the magazine when compared at volume 2. I'd love if people would knock off playing the cancellation card and save it for when it actually looks like whats happening in the story is being rushed. But of course since certain people seem eager to just have the series fail unless it goes back to being exactly like the one shot that is too much to ask for.
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