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BTW, I'm also kinda hoping that we'll finally be introduced to Kaidou next chapter. After all, Drake causing a ruckus in his territory is certainly not something to be sneezed at.
I HIGHLY doubt we will see the results of Drake's actions anytime soon; or any of the supernova's for that matter... they're side characters and as such his screentime is gonna be severely smaller probably far between... we will probably spend most of Next chapter finding out what each of the strawhat's are doing as part of their continuation plans, as they each get a mini flashback; just like Sanji and Chopper got this last chapter. .. though it might take 2 chapters to get through them all and at the end of the second chapter we will probably get some time with Luffy... and then timeskip... 3rd chapter might show us something like a montage of what's been going on, maybe something else, and then it's time for the reunion... that's my guess anyway
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