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I HIGHLY doubt we will see the results of Drake's actions anytime soon; or any of the supernova's for that matter... they're side characters and as such his screentime is gonna be severely smaller probably far between...

Note that I didn't say that I wanted to see the effects of Drake's actions right away (I agree that it'll most likely be a good while before we get any more updates on the supernova's NW shenanigans), but I just think it would be neat to get a short scene of Kaidou receiving the news about Drake, that's all. And of course, while I'd prefer if his face were to be fully revealed, I'd even be satisfied if Oda just gave us a silhouette that's more detailed than the one we saw at Water 7. As far as Big Mom goes, I'm really not as anxious to see her as I am Kaidou, mainly because we don't really know anything about her so far (the speculation about her being Lola's mom doesn't really count)......
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