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I need sudjestions...

Hello I'm new to and would like to know some really good (hopefully) complete series. but they don't have to be complete.

A friend gave me this web site while i was at college and i have 3 weeks before i have to go back to school. the firewall at school does not allow peer to peer. (curently working on a hack for that) some hacks can be for a good cause . like feeding my anime addiction.

anyway i was looking for some good series that i could download easily without takeing 2 weeks to get it all. like currently im getting 0 to 3kb/s on the gundam ZZ series. when i know its not my router because i downloaded stellvia of the universe at 30 to 120 kb/s.

i would even be willing to give someone my IP so they could send a complete series to me in just a few minutes through a direct IP hook up.

basically i want as much anime (thats worth my time) as i can get in the next 3 weeks.

Please give me some ideas as to what is good in this long assed list of series.

thanks feel free to PM me if you would like to know more or would like to help.

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