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Is there a particular genre that you like or you are all-taker

nvthless: here is my list:

bottle fairy If you want something lite-hearted~~ I am suggesting this one~~ It's about four fairies (with totally different personality)"Together, they have misadventures trying to understand the human world, seeking advice from the totally misinformed grade schooler next door."

Spiral If you like Detective showz: this is another great series about solving the mysteries of the cursed blade children

FullMetal Alchemist something magical/dark(i call it) This is a must see series: Alchemy is a scientific magic that only be grant w/ equal trade. Story begins with 2 brother, Eric and Alphonse, they tried to revive their beloved mom, yet human revival is forbidden, hence Eric lost an arm and a leg; Al lost his whole body~~ Hence the two travels to search for methods to revive back to normal~~

Fullmoon wo Sagashite great song, Touchy and Magical~~Another great series: Mitsuki(a 12 year old girl who love to sing) was diagnosed with a malignant tumor of the throat and was told by (shinigami) that she only have a year left to live~~ Yet with the help w/ the two nice (shinigami)'s help, she turned into a 16 year old teenage to search for her dreams ~~

check these out~~

ps. shinigami = death angel ^^
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