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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
This is an apparent dichotomy that a lot of people have a hard time bridging, because the blend of storytelling and sexual content is not as common as what you see in anime/eroge/etc. To some people, just having that sort of content in the work negates any redeeming qualities because it undermines the motivation for the story. But, that is actually part of the base concept that is being challenged.
It's certainly a sad state of affairs when we think of sexuality and good storytelling to be mutually exclusive (but violence is fine). Of course, complaining about incest in a story about incest seems somewhat nonsensical except to the periphery audience that caught something else and would rather the story contain only that, I actually believe every good story ends up catching such an audience to some degree.I'll try to make it clear on what I'm getting at below.
Again, I would suggest that it's a matter of focus and whether you can let yourself slip into that universe with those characters. If you can only stand on the outside and look at it in the abstract, the dichotomies will pile up. But if you can allow yourself to accept the world being presented, there can often be more depth than it seems like on the outside. Fiction is often much more than the combination of tropes it employs, despite the culture of this community that sometimes seems to believe otherwise.
Ideally I agree with both parts of your reply. But there's a certain caveat I personally believe in and that is with all kinds of communication and relationship is a two way street. One imposing itself too strongly on the other side is just going to lead to failure. But of course, if neither side compromises, then we end up with a pretty biased view. Basically, while the reader should not aggressively impose certain things on a piece of work, the creator should not be surprised if he/she takes the audience for granted too much and causes the narrative to become ineffective.

I suppose when you send out a message no matter what, someone gets the point eventually. In essence, in some context, a message (the story) always becomes successful. A lot of people think a message that reaches a broader group is the more successful one, but that's certainly debatable-- there's certainly the strength of reception that matters as well. Whether it's good to reach out to a lot of people, or to reach out to some people in a stronger fashion being a better approach is certainly up for debate.
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