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Uploading it to 2-3 host sites should be ok.
I've done the same when I made a few hundred avy's in my thread.
Eventually the links expired of course, but if people just point out they've expired I just uploaded them back.
It's not exactly perfect, but it works.

On that note, whatever system is convenient to you is fine.

Don't get the wrong idea,
You are free to present your tutorial whichever way you want
As long it helps somebody, I don't think anybody has a problem.
Happy tutorial making.
Post Scriptum

The only strict rule of the thread is it has
to be made by you. ^_^ Sorry for the
confusion, the post regarding Megaupload
were meant to point out some flaws in Megas
services Wz might have not been aware of.

There is no rule as such, feel free to upload
to it if it's more convenient to you, you did
take the time to make the tutorial we can't
really ask for more. ^__^

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