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Originally Posted by tezu View Post
Beato's sudden change of personality is very surprising. I just can't seem to be able to get used to it. The image of cruel!Beato is stuck in my mind and I can neither understand her current behaviour nor can I believe my eyes that she's really crying and suddenly so nice to Battler ^^;;
I can't be the only fan who liked her better in BWA-HAHAHA! mode, can I?

Edit to add: it seems odd to me that she'd be willing to resurrect Shannon--in both this chapter and the last, Shannon talking about her love for George before her death pretty much guaranteed Beato would go into a ranting fury. Something about the two of them (due to her being held prisoner by Kinzo?) really enrages her. OTOH, she claims it was her magic that got the two of them together in the first place...

And, true to Beato no longer being an Endless Witch, the resurrection only lasted long enough for Shannon to die again.
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