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Originally Posted by June 1983 View Post
I just watched the subs. I ended up giving this episode an 8. The biggest things working against it were a slightly disjointed feeling to the scenes. I don't really have a problem with anything they cut, though I would have liked to see the otherworld when Shannon was resurrected. The transitions were just a bit weird at time, and I felt like some of the dialogue they came up with to summarize the lengthier swathes of text in the VN, such as Eva, Battler, Jessica and Nanjo discovering that George, Krauss, and Natsuhi were gone, weren't very well written. And of course, yes, the Ange mention was clunky and careless at best. Well, we'll see.

Oh, and poor George didn't get his ~I believe I can fly~ moment. However, I suppose that they have driven home the whole "magic is fueled by belief" idea in a number of other instances. Still, for the anime viewers, take note: in the VN, rather than turn into a butterfly, Beatrice actually taught George to fly in order to cross over to the mansion. It was pretty cool.

The only other thing that bugged me was a line they gave Jessica in the next-to-last scene, where she acknowledges, or seems to acknowledge, Eva-B's voice. I swear that wasn't in the VN, though someone please correct me if I'm wrong. I just remember noting to myself while I did my replay a few weeks ago that all of Jessica's dialogue seems to be in response to Nanjo's responses.

Hm, then again. Maybe that line is in there! "That voice" ... regardless of who it really refers to, I would say then that if she heard a voice besides Nanjo's, it was one she was familiar with, and perhaps was surprised to hear?
She recognizes there's another voice. Of course, she never actually sees who....
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