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Yea, getting people off guard with Tiny Lobelia in CS is a very good tactic. And lightning bolts can be released faster as well, upon impact after a certain amount of frames after execution. If they get hit by a lightning bolt you can charge in for some combos.

Also, you'll always want to have all 3 poles on the ground, it always acts as a good deterrence and punishment. Especially useful since you can release lightning bolts in the sky in CS.

Her game in CS heavily relies on Tiny Lobelia and the lightning rods, its practically in every combo.

EDIT: Oh and her pumpkin's travelling distance is reduced, but you'll still need to get used to moving it with wind even when you're executing something. Say, if your attack missed and your opponent is about to punish you, you can use a nearby pumpkin to cancel him out.

Moving Lobelia in all directions is also good for canceling out opponents attacks.
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