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You should have trolled him by saying, "But my parents told me not to befriend strangers like you.". I enjoy teasing these people.
I tend to prefer ignoring people but I have been known to troll if the situation requires it. Like the time I got some creepers to back off a guild member by telling them I was a "way hotter girl than them teehee <3" (it's really sad anyone actually fell for this tbh) and strung them along for a while before crushing them outright and telling them I was in fact not a girl.

Here's a silly question of my own - Does anyone know how many copies of Hyperdimension Neptunia were actually shipped to the US? I ask because I've noticed it is long out of stock most places and is continuously going up in price at sites that do have it - the lowest you can buy it new for on Amazon is $87. I've seen other recent rare games that nobody played but were critically acclaimed for $10, while this one was critically panned and is worth 8-9 times those. Must have been a seriously limited run.
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