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I'm not going to rebuke any of the haters. Most of them have made their points.

As a whole, the story was a victim to bad writing. Either due to time constraints, or just having poor writers.

I still liked the series somewhat. I'm not saying it was like 00 quality, but I don't regret watching it.

I'm still not ashamed to admit I've been sympathizing with Kio all the way. People may not accept the way he came to want to save everyone, but personally my views are pretty similar to his. No one has the right to deny another's right to live. In the end, everyone was fighting their hardest because they wanted to live. The fact that suddenly an event happened that put everyone on the same side.. Yeah that's pretty much Deus Ex Machina right there. Either way, returning everyone in the solar system to a normal way of life through the combined power of the EXA-DB and the AGE system was a nice touch.

Asem....... He had that cool factor. As for deserting the federation to become a pirate. I dunno, he ended up defending both sides which I find commendable for reasons I stated above. Maybe he could've spent some more effort to actually find a way to end the war rather than prolong it though.

Flit..... Let me say this first and foremost: He is not wrong for wanting to fight the Vegans. Loved ones did need protecting, after all. Wanting to wipe them all out is going too far though. It's called "petty revenge". You don't just pull a nuke on people who merely wish to live. I'm glad he came around when it mattered. In the end, being a savior was more important than getting revenge.

Then there were a whole bunch of other characters who were awesome but didn't nearly get enough screentime. Time constraints mostly. Although this one could've been avoided by not having so damn many of them.

As for that final boss guy whose name I don't remember. I don't care about him but it doesn't look like he wasn't meant to be anyone worth caring about. Just some guy who was bred to fight.
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