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Originally Posted by Rising Dragon View Post
Unfortunately that tends to happen in real life wars. The people who start them don't get punished like we wished. Take the Animorphs book series--it didn't end with a huge final battle, one of the heroes was killed and the villain who started it all survived. Tried in court and all, but ultimately was not executed.

On the other hand, Ezelcant IS getting punished in a sense. While he strove to create his ideal Eden, ultimately he was proven that his goals were wrong, and while there was a peace afterwards, his death means he's not able to live and experience that peace.
I'd finally put that frustrating Animorphs ending behind me and you have to remind me, thanks .

Originally Posted by Revolutionist View Post
His ideals weren't the same as everyone else. In order for his pseudo-Destiny plan to work, he apparently couldn't defeat the Federation outright while he had an immense technological superiority over them, instead he had to let them build up their forces over the years and drag the war out for as long as he did. How that was supposed to work, I have no idea...However, there was a big discrepancy between what Ezelcant wanted, and what the rest of the people likely wanted, that if revealed, could cost him everything, including his life.
In the end with politics it doesn't matter what his real ideals were, just what they appeared to be to the public. Long as his ideals appeared to be defeating the Earthlings and taking back 'Eden' the people would follow. Any failures could just be explained by incompetent commanders (sorry Zeheart ) and all being part of the greater plan.

Though in a sense he really would have been screwed without Flit and the Gundam showing up. Without that there would be no way to pretend the Federation could actually hold up against the Vagans.
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