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Maybe there is a resurgence in Japanese nationalism? After all, there are Class-A war criminals enshrined as deities, and some Japanese believe their war was "righteous" because they were liberating asian countries from white know, by murdering them and treating them worse than the white
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I think you guys are exaggerating just a tad bit from this show...

If this show was meant to instigate a resurgence in Japanese nationalism, I'd say it failed utterly.

- Tak
Many times Japan said they are sorry but they never could face their own history.

The later generations that did not live immediately post surrender probably thought of war as a kid's fight. They punch each other and call a ceasefire and shake hands.

They never could form around their minds their forefathers actions pissed a lot of people off with acts of barbarity that unconditional surrender and defanging their nation was the most humane thing to do for them.

Douglas MacArthur was forgiving of Japan even after what was done to his men and those under his protection.

Again the later generation misunderstands. You forgive but you never forget.

Hence Gundam Age's Understanding Ending is forced without consequences.
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