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'Years of work' lost as Hurricane Sandy drowns rat colonies at NYU disease research l

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No, it returns.

In addition to displacing millions of New Yorkers, the catastrophic flooding and widespread power outages brought about by Hurricane Sandy have threatened a great deal of scientific research throughout the city. At New York University's Smilow Research Center in Kips Bay, the storm has claimed the lives of around 10,000 lab animals, dramatically setting back long-term studies on diseases such as cancer.

"These animals were the culmination of 10 years of work, and it will take time to replace them," Gordon J. Fishell, associate director of the NYU Neuroscience Institute, told the New York Times. The rodents in labs like Dr. Fishell's are specially bred and mutated, sometimes over years and years, to produce the effects of various diseases and disorders. The research involves studying abnormalities in brain activity that occur as a result of these mutations, gathering data that could be used to combat ailments such as cancer, autism, epilepsy, and heart disease.
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