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Sheryl Nome... I may be forgetting some details in the series, but Sheryl struck me as being a true heroine. I'm sorry to the Rukino fans, but as of episode 6 she comes off as being a very self-centered and artificial character. She's concerned with becoming famous when life-and-death matters are at stake. How delusional and shallow can you get?

The series was setting her up fairly well: a former idol who was quiet and didn't have many friends, and who has an abusive past. If it had remained that way then I'd still like her as a character. Yet she received a bit of power (Valvrave and "vampire" transformation) and she went nuts.
first off saki didn't become fame crazy she was always fame crazy just didn't show it, second she believes that fame will bring her to a better life like it did before and she knows piloting a valvrave will bring her fame like it did for haruto, third saki willingly becoming a vampire is her going F-U to the thing that she felt rejected her humanity and the world in general, and fourth if sheryl didn't have people like alto and ranka's former manager than she probably would have ended up like saki or even worse because she has a far worse past than saki's

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